The 2 State Solution for Israel will never bring peace

In the following posts, good thoughtful words are spoken by Matt Duss and Michael Cohen, and Daniel Serwer.  Their analysis of how to carry forward with a 2 State Solution is with the best intentions of how to deliver on the stated Foreign Policy objectives of the United States, regarding Israel and the Palestinian people. Given the culmination of current events and the recent re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, it is time to explore alternatives to the status quo objective towards peace.  This is especially true in light of Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent statements calling into question a 2 state solution.

The 2 state solution requires a demilitarized Palestinian state and a Palestinian government capable of delivering the same.  Given the split territory of Gaza and the West Bank, with the associated split in governance, this is neigh impossible for the Palestinians to deliver.  This is especially true from the mindset of those Palestinians not willing to recognize the Israeli state.

Let’s explore why that is and why such resistance is built up against the State of Israel.  From the perspective of Palestinians, the State of Israel robbed them of their natural sovereignty by taken the land they were living on and forcing a government upon them in which they have no standing.  This is an abomination to Palestinians and for various reasons they refuse to capitulate.  Does anyone really think giving a state for part of the land will satisfy Palestinians?  Benjamin Netanyahu clearly does not and rightly so.  A new Palestinian state, side by side with the State of Israel, will never be demilitarized. There will never be peace.

So, where does that leave us?  What possible course to peace is there?  There is only one answer and that is to correct the grave injustice done to the Palestinians in 1948.  It is to correct the apartheid nature of the State of Israel.

The only true path to lasting peace is for the State of Israel, whose borders encompass the West Bank and Gaza, is to provide full suffrage to all people within those borders.  Israel must give up its Jewish identity and preserve its Democratic identity by ending apartheid.  There is no other lasting solution.